Transforming Resources

We're helping solve the water/food stress nexus
for our children and generations to come.

ZERO Waste

KNeW is a ZERO discharge process.
Nearly 100% of treated water is converted into clean, fresh water.

Fertilizers and Plant Nutrients

KNeW Process generates agricultural fertilizers
and other plant nutrients, while producing clean, fresh water.

Transforming Communities

Our processes transform water-stressed regions
into viable agricultural and economic centers.

Patented and Proprietary Technology

Our processes allow for greater sustainable energy supply choices, including solar, wind, hydro and natural gas.

What if?

What if there was a way to extract agricultural fertilizers and other plant nutrients from brackish water and acid mine drainage without harming
the environment?

What if the process also produced clean, fresh water for people in desperate need around the world?

We're the KNeW Company, and we have solutions.


The KNeW Company

The KNeW Company is the result of our passion to help communities thrive.

Fertilizer Solutions

The KNeW Process® generates fertilizers and other plant nutrients for agriculture.

Water Solutions

The KNeW Process® transforms brackish water into clean fresh water